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  1. Chevy cobalt no cranck, no start. Loss communication and low fuel message on dash.

    Problems and Service
    hello community! I have a chevy cobalt 2.2l automatic. the car doesn't start and no crank, on the dashboard there is a check engine light and a low fuel message. No communication with the scanner either, I have done the test bypassing at the cranck relay and it turns on for 3 or 4 seconds and...
  2. Jump Starter Relay, Starts then Dies. Can't Start Otherwise.

    Problems and Service
    This will be long, but please bear with me. My son's 2007 Cobalt LT 2.2 blew its head head gasket, got hot, junked engine. Found a complete donor car, 2006 Cobalt. I know that the engines are different but replaced the engine, all harness's and computers from donor car. OBD says no...
  3. 2007 2.2 Ecotec Will Not Start

    Problems and Service
    Hello all, I was hoping to get some advice as to what might be preventing my 07 from starting. It's actually a 2007 Pontiac G5, but I did not see a place to post this on the G5 section. The car has had this issue intermittently for some odd time and usually starts working after trying to...
  4. No Crank/no Start

    Problems and Service
    Weird electrical problem: With ignition in crank position there is 12 volts going to starter signal wire as long as it is unplugged from starter but shows 0 volts if plugged into starter? This is actually on a 2008 Pontiac G5 but should be same setup as cobalt here
  5. Completely Stuck, New Pump, No Start, No Fuel Pressure

    Problems and Service
    Ok starting a new thread of my own. 2009 LT XFE California Car, 130k. Car previously would run for a short period of time then wouldnt start, no fuel pressure at the rail (February, literally died when I was out buying a Valentines gift for my wife, not a good day). I changed the fuel pump...
  6. Hello...I'm New Here

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I found this site by looking for solutions to a problem my son is having with his 06 LS 2 dr. 2.2ltr. 5 speed with 163,000 so happens that I have an 07 LT and it's getting up there in age and mileage, mine has 188,100 km so this could be a good place for me to be in the...