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  1. Enabling Tap Shift

    The cobalt automatic transmission is a 4T45E and is also found in the Cheby Malibu, how hard should it be for a Cobalt? I know there are switches with their appropriate resistance (paddles), and another set of wires added to the clock spring. Would this be available in he Tech2 in the TCM...
  2. Installing/Activating Cruise Control on 2008 LT

    The cruise control & radio controls on the 08 LS (the BC) have worked out great. Many thanks to Coby7 for his help. This thread is to document the cruise control activation on the Silver 2008 LT. Also, we will find out if Cheby installed the extra 4 wires in this LT since it has power windows...
  3. Ground Location Images

    Problems and Service
  4. Wanted: FE5 Sway Bar

    Wanted (Car Related Only)
    FE5 / SS Sway Bar No longer Looking for NOS or good used 25847759 / FE5 STABILIZER BAR. Or ??? PM or post details thanks Found a NOS FE5 15821093 for $50 + shipping from zz Listed on, of all places, fleebay