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  1. Cool Air Intake

    Engine Mods
    Could someone recommend a quality, yet affordable, cool air intake for my '08 Cobalt? And... is it really worth the money to install one??
  2. Where to Start with Suspension

    Hey guys so im going to start with suspension before my engine because all of the reading ive been doing on here recommends starting with suspension. I was just wondering where to start. I am getting new rims soon and i am going to lower it after that. After i lower it, what should i do? I...
  3. Cheap Performance Mods

    Hi guys, I'm new on here and i just recently got my license and i have a 2007 cobalt ls i was just wondering if there are any cheap performance mods that are worth it because I'm only 16 and don't have tons of money to blow..
  4. Performance Parts on a 2.2 LS Bolt

    Engine Mods
    I want to beat a 3.8 firebird or camaro. Maybe even get a little bit more ballsy and beat some v8 cars. I have a K&N. That is it. I figure catback will do it some good but I need to know what the cheapest way to make it a fast little car. -Thank You
  5. Crank and Alternator Pulleys?

    Engine Mods
    This may have already been answered, but if so I was not able to find the thread. I am still up in the air about whether I am going to put in the time and money to buy and install a supercharger on my LE5, so I am thinking about the other mods that I can do. I know that a CAI and exhaust/headers...
  6. Header/downpipe Question

    Engine Mods
    So I'm debating on what I want to do with my car next. I have 2.2L LT with a injen cold air intake and B&M Shift plus (not really performance but nice to have). Would getting Vibrant headers/downpipe combo with 2.4 mani+ 2.4TB and 45# injectors with a tune give me a pretty big boost of power...