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  1. Audio/Video
    Does anyone know if the models that dont have the Pioneer system in them still have the hookups for it? I want to pick up that SS sub for my trunk but dont know if the wiring for it exists in my car already. Anyone know? I have a 2007 LT/.
  2. Audio/Video
    Im looking to get subwoofer boxes to put in the corners of the truck cause i kinda want my trunk space back but still have y 12s in it. Where can i get corner subwoofer boxes or would i have tomake them custom? If custom how much would that on average cost me?
  3. Audio/Video
    Hello everyone. I have an 05 Cobalt with the Pioneer System, no OnStar. I just ordered a Kenwood KDC-X993 from Crutchfield and they told me i needed a $60 integration module or i lose my sub functionality. Is there any way around this? I didn't really want to spend an extra $60. I was planning...
1-3 of 3 Results