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  1. 2006 LS cobalt Can you please tell me if its okay (photo)

    Problems and Service
    I just bought the car Everything is good car runs good no problems no leaks i've had it for a week now Didnt had any problems with it but when looking at the engine bay today i noticed this
  2. 2010 Chevy Cobalt 2.2L is Accelerating Way Too Fast

    Problems and Service
    2010 chevy cobalt auto 2.2L. Car has been great ever since we bought it until about 3 months ago. We started noticing problems with the car shifting hard when putting the car into drive and when the RPM get up to about 3grand. Fast forward to now, the car still shifts hard when going into drive...
  3. Open Trunk Without Battery and Faulty Lock

    Problems and Service
    I have a Chevy cobalt which I removed the battery to replace. When going to replace the battery I soon found out that I cannot open the trunk with the key because the lock is seized up and I cannot use jumper cables because there is not a battery connected in the trunk. How else am I able to...
  4. Mileage and Multiple Codes

    Problems and Service
    Hi, we have a 2005, we have been seeing our gas mileage decline. It has gone from high 30s per gallon now to low twenty's now. We went to advance and had codes read. Came up with.... P0121-Throttle position sensor P0130-02 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 P0171-Bank 1 system too lean P0300-Random multiple...
  5. Suggestions for a Fluttering Noise.

    Problems and Service
    So I've tried various searches to try and narrow the possible problems with my cobalt, but I don't think I've found the problem yet. So, I have a manual 2006 cobalt LS, and its almost at 100,000 miles. Now that my car is so old it's starting to make dad noises (random noises guys make as they...
  6. Car Would Not Crank when Attempting to Start

    Problems and Service
    I have a N/A 2006 2.2l manual trans. Cobalt. It sat in my driveway for about 4 hours before I tried to leave again to get some dinner, but the car would not start. I had full power to all the accessories in the car, such as the dashboard lights, radio, and even the headlights turned on. When I...
  7. So Apparently Time Gets Away from Me Haha, Exhaust is "more or Less" Done

    Engine Mods
    I posted a "teaser" thread a few weeks ago with all my exhaust parts with the intention of posting the next day of how the install went and videos of the sound difference. But soon after we jacked my car up did problem after problem arise and no lie, 30+ hours of work to complete my now...
  8. Weird Problems with My Cobalt.. Anyone else Having These Problems?

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2006 cobalt lt, randomly it will lock my keys in the ignition and the only way to free them is to touch the ground wire on the battery. another thing is that once i turn the keys to shut the car off the engine will stay running for a few seconds and then shut off. any one else having...
  9. So Anyone Use Seafoam on Thier 2.2?

    Problems and Service
    i used the in tank seafoam did about 1oz per gallon like it says, i dont see much change yet? and now my check engine light when on. i know the CAI can make it go off but it never has before, i tested it it says MAF sensor which means the intake.... anyone have any other problems after using it??
  10. Low RPM Idle

    Problems and Service
    Recently, my 2005 Cobalt LS has been sounding pretty rough while idling. Sounds like shes about to stall out when Im sitting at red lights or at any kind of stop. Any ideas why this is happening?? :confused: Update: Check below for the solution to this problem
  11. Need Help

    Problems and Service
    i let my girlfriend drive my car trying to teach her well she messed up the whole tranny so i took it in they replaced the tranny but now for some reason my supercharger is not pulling like its suppose to the boost gauge is jumping from 5- 10 lbs idk why and now sounds like rocks in the super...