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  1. Newbie Here. Car Not Starting. Possible Fuel Pump Failure?

    Problems and Service
    hi people, Im new to this forum but I hope this is the right place. I left my car, cobalt 2005 base 2.2, parked for about two days on the street. and today when i tried to start it in the morning it didnt do nothing. no cranking, no ignition. i took the battery to autozone and got the guys...
  2. Car Hiccups Giving It Gas.

    Problems and Service
    So I recently bought a used 2006 SS a couple months ago, and it's been running fine up until tonight. Something has been going on with what I think is the clutch? I could be wrong, but as I reach higher rpms/press the gas harder, the car starts to stutter. It feels like it is running out of gas...