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  1. Need help

    So I’ve been having my cobalt for about 2 years it’s a 2007. unfortunately I messed with the battery and had to go ahead and install an alternator which was challenging but got it done. Unfortunately when I messed with the battery it blew out some electrical work on my dash. I was able to fix my...
  2. Replacing the Stock CD Player (same Model/unit) 2009 Chevy Cobalt.

    Hey everybody, The CD Player in my 2009 Chevy Cobalt stopped working. I see the same radio unit I have in my car available for purchase on eBay for relatively cheap ~$50. I want to replace my radio with another stock radio. I want to use another stock radio because I don't particularly want to...
  3. Amp and Sub Hookup in '05 Cobalt

    So I have been looking all over and cannot find the information I am looking for so I thought I would post a new thread. My cobalt is a 2005 base model 4 door. About a year and a half ago, I put in a new Pioneer head unit. I used the PAC interface to keep the retained accessory power (RAP) so...
  4. Factory Sub-woofer

    So I was looking to replace my 2006 cobalt ss factory radio with an aftermarket one, but whenever I select one on a website such as crutchfield it says it's not compatible with the factory subwoofer. Is that because you need to buy an amp for it to work? I really don't know much if anything...
  5. Best Radio?

    I need help deciding which radio to install in my 2009 chevy cobalt lt coupe. All i know is that my current radio is the one with an aux port but no usb. If that helps at all. I guess what im asking is which one out of the three choices is the best for my vehicle and if its the same size because...
  6. For Sale: Various Parts for Sale

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Name: Jason (rains_crusader) Location: Northeast Indiana Contact Information: PM for payment info through PayPal. Description of item/items: Reply in the thread for more info about any particular item(s) Price - all prices posted do NOT include shipping. All parts are sold "as-is" please ask...
  7. Stock Radio Volume Question

    Got in the Balt' yesterday and went to turn the volume on the radio up, the level indicator only moved one spot to the right and then one spot to the left. It wouldn't get louder or quieter. Anyone ever have this problem? Time for a new radio?
  8. Bluetooth AUX Reciever (XM Radio HiJack)

    Alright so first i'm going to give a little background on why i wanted to try this project and the fact of the matter is i don't know what i'm doing when it comes to cars but computers i can handle Story time: My brother borrowed my car and broke the top of the AUX cord in the AUX input...
  9. 06 LS LED Radio and Footwell Lights?

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I just picked up an '06 LS coupe over the weekend, I already put in a DDM Tuning 600k Bi-Xenon HID kit and swapped all the 194 bulbs to LED as well as an LED dome light. My next goals are red LED lights on the interior. First I'm going to put in red 5050 SMD strips over the footwells, where's...
  10. Pontiac XM Module Pinouts

    Hello! It's been a while, but we just recently purchased a used '09 torrent to add to the G5. My question is, I had an extra xm tuner laying around from my G5 install, and I've tried just plugging it in to the 'xm ready' torrent. The wires, cables, antenna were already in place from either...
  11. How Do I Make My Subwoofer Work with My Stock Radio?

    I am buying two 10 in subwoofers from polk and i wanted to know if there is an adapter i can buy to make it work with my factory radio or however i can get it to work with it. I dont know anything about amps wiring and stuff, a friend is going to install it for me. I have already had the 4...
  12. 05/06 Stock HU with Aux in

    so, i came across this radio on ebay that has an aux input for 05-06 model year. here is a link to the listing. Chevy 2005 2006 Cobalt Am FM CD Car Radio w Aux iPod MP3 Input UN0 15272189 | eBay If this company is able to add this option to these reconditioned radios, there has to be a way for...
  13. Install JVC Head Unit in 06 Cobalt Help!

    Hello all, I am trying to install a new head unit in my cobalt but I have run into some difficulties. I bought a harness off of eBay that was supposed to work on my car but the wiring on the harness did not match up with the JVC wiring. I do not want to buy the expensive harness because I do...
  14. Wrong Way Battery Jump :-(

    My girlfriend owns an 05 Chevy Cobalt. I was out of town and she tried to jump start the car herself because she had left a light on. She hooked up the cables wrong + to + and - to -. She said it started smoking and she realized what was wrong and then switched them. The car itself works fine...
  15. Swap Able Gm Radios for Cobalt -_-

    HI im new to these forums,.....I really wanna figure out what radios i can swap into my 2010 balt.....i know the silverado and suburban use the same base radio....but i would like one of the touchscreens, far as i know that was never offered on the cobalt.......:thanks
  16. Shark Antenna

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I want to put a shark antenna on my cobalt coupe and i already took my antanna off and theres just that rubber hole that i also need to patch. Any suggestion, or where to get one.
  17. Cobalt Radio Upgrade

    i never really got a clear answer, i just want to know if it is possible to install the new gm radios( the ones with the big knob and aux port) to my 2005 cobalt i know youll have to get it programmed by the dealer, which is no problem
  18. Cobalt Radio

    hello i am new to this forum, so i dont really know how to use it that well, anyways, i would like to know if it is possible to install a newer gm radio( the one with the knob in the middle, with an Aux port) to my cobalt base model, i just got it like 2 weeks ago, so everything is still a bit...
  19. Radio Fine Tune

    Hey everyone, got 2009 Cobalt Sport. Well, I've noticed that when tunning FM radiostations, I can not tune, for example, to 92.2, but it always goes by 2Khz. Even a fine tune gives you same thing - 91.1-91.3-91.5-91.7 and etc. Is there any way I can reset it to 1Khz fine tune? My favorite FM...
  20. Speaker Help

    Hi All, I've got an 06 LS Coupe and recently installed a JVC KDR-520 radio from Crutchfield myself. Used the Metra-2103 wiring harness. After getting everything wired and ready to go, front speakers do not get any sound. They were working before so I put the stock radio back in, still no front...