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  1. Rattling in Steering Fix

    Problems and Service
    Hello all, I Just wanted to post a video that I made reguarding the rattling in the steering when going over bumps.
  2. Rattling Sound Under Front End/driver Side

    For a few months, I have been hearing a rattling sound under the front end of the car. Only when I go over potholes and bumps do I hear the rattling. When I release the brake, I hear and feel a clunk from the pedal it feels like. What could be causing the sound and is it something I need to fix...
  3. Rattling Speakers

    Glad my new speakers are coming in today by UPS and FedEx. This is what I found when I removed my door panels on my balt. Driver side speaker Passenger side speaker So how does the surround break like that? Whatever the material is, is so brittle that it started breaking more when I touched...