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  1. Car Crash.. Home Repairable or No?

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to this forum but, I'm trying to reach out to people that might know more than me about Cobalts. I have a 2010 LT that still has about 89,000 miles and recently I got into an accident and messed up the entire front end of my car. The car still turns over and I can still...
  2. Intermediate Shaft Firewall Seal Installation?

    Problems and Service
    '07 Cobalt LS I'm replacing the intermediate shaft (and the rack, for that matter). I'm having great difficulty getting the shaft boot to seat into the opening in the firewall. The boot has a 'doughnut' that's supposed to pop through the opening, thereby locking the boot in place. I haven't...
  3. Just Bought 2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged Fixer-upper

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm a proud new member of the Cobalt fan club/cult. Been wanting one of these for a very long time now. I purchased a 95% mechanically sound 2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged for dirty cheap (everything checked out, the guy just really needed to sell it). However, the vehicle has a lot...
  4. Rear Driver Side Door Will Not Lock

    Problems and Service
    Hi guys, I just noticed this today. I am not able to lock the driver's side rear door. The nob pushed down, but the door doesn't lock. There is also a spring when I press to close it rather than the normal click to let me know it's locked. When I raised it to the unlock position, it comes out...
  5. Paint Chip

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I have a paint chip on my car. It was like that when I first got it (which was August of 2010). I'm now starting to get into car detailing, and I really love my car,and I want to get this fixed. I hate it,and I'd rather have a deep scratch than this. There's also a minor dent where the paint...
  6. Removing the Stereo Unit.

    Hi there! Can anyone point me in the direction on how to get my stock stereo from the dash of my 2007 LT Coupe? The AUX jack got a tad broken and I want to pull the unit and try to repair it. I just don't know where to start. Thanks!
  7. Door Panel Ripped OFF!!!

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Last summer opening my driver door I had minor troubles opening the door as the weather stripping was catching the door panel. Well, 8 months later and after 6 months of BCT (during which my girlfriend had the vehicle) the door panel is falling apart, the plastic rivet like things holding the...
  8. New Clutch

    I am pretty sure I need a new clutch, driving home today when I would shift it was like the car didn't know I had shifted it rev'd up to 5, shift light came on and then it had this horrible burning smell, it didn't do this everytime I shifted but often enough to cause concern. My car is an '09...
  9. Killarowa's Accident Pix-March

    Driving back home in Hawaii from Pearl City, took the on ramp to merge with the H1 freeway and began accelerating to get up to highway speeds (55mph) at the top of the ramp traffic was stopped cuz someone wanted to stop and wait for an opening instead of get up to speed and merge like YOUR...