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  1. Interior
    I have a 2007 chevy cobalt and was having problems locking and unlocking from the outside. I opened up the panel and looked inside to see a rod was free hanging. Figured out it was a piece to the lock actuator. Is the repair going to be more like a impala or a g6? And does the window channel...
  2. Problems and Service
    Hey guys i found out when i was changing my oil that something was leaking and it turns out to be by driver's side front strut. I was wondering what my best options are to replacing. I know that i have to replace in pairs but was probably just going to replace all four anyways. I was thinking of...
  3. Problems and Service
    Hello everyone. Hopefully this is the correct place for this. If not please let me know. I have a 2009 Cobalt LS XFE with 147,560 miles. I bought it about 5 years ago with 72,000 miles and have always performed routine maintenance (oil change every 3,000 miles, spark plugs, air filters, etc...
  4. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I want to take my stock steering wheel out of my 08 LT. Was thinking of putting a Grant 702 in to replace it. I know I'll lose the airbag, but is there anything else to take into consideration? Or anything to worry about? ? Anyone with firsthand knowledge? I just want to know more about what I'm...
  5. Audio/Video
    Hi everybody, I am replacing the head unit of my 2005 chevy cobalt. would a factory 2007 pontiac g5 deck fit my needs? is the wires plug going to be same?
  6. Maintenance
    Whats up fellow Cobalt owners, so I changed the fuel filter on my 2007 Chevy Cobalt Ls today and I noticed that there are great write ups and a few pictures but there are No videos on how to do it. I always look online to try to fix things my self and I have gained a lot of useful information...
1-6 of 6 Results