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  1. Problems and Service
    Hey guys, I know these codes have been addressed on here already (I have spent most of the day searching). These codes deal with the (SAI) Secondary Air Injection stuff. I couldn't find anyone that had both these codes together. I had my local Napa read my OBDII. They said this was...
  2. Engine Mods
    Well I ended up replacing the solenoid and air pump, but moved the pump location and did some dissecting to learn more. About a month ago I started throwing codes. First the EGR looking thing (solenoid) that sits between the firewall and engine crapped out. Replaced it and the codes went away...
  3. Engine Mods
    Okay i have the 06 cobalt 2.2 and im looking to get a turbo for it. But im sure u cant just turbo it without other mods first. Im going to be doing it as i get the money to afford it. so what are the first things i need to do in order to get it "turbo ready" this is what i know I need new...
  4. Engine Mods
    how do you know if your balt has the SAI? I heard the 06 models have it but was about the 07?
  5. Engine Mods
    There have been soooo many threads about intakes lately. This thread will be used to ask questions about Intakes, all kinds! Post away! UPDATES:
  6. Engine Mods
    Anybody got pics or can accurately describe where its at???
1-6 of 7 Results