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  1. Rough Shift 08 SS Turbo

    My SS is a joy to drive. However, shifting is a bit of a workout. For example, shifting from first to second almost feels like I have to force the shifter from 1 down to 2. You can almost say it stops right before second gear and knocks into second gear. Before you ask, yes my foot is all the...
  2. 07 Cobalt Trouble Shifting into 1st Mainly

    Problems and Service
    So like the title, my car is having issues going into 1st gear. Sometimes you have to kinda push it over to the left more and up to get it to go in. Or 2nd, then off to the left and up into 1st. I pulled the boot off and i notice on the shift assembly the o-ring inside the black plastic clip...
  3. Weird Problem,pick Your Brains!

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2010 Chevy cobalt 2.2l ecotec. Last January time frame my car started having a slightly harder shift from 1-2 gear. it would happen once or twice then go away for 2-3 mths.(no codes and was VERY intermittent) .... when it started happening more often 2-3 weeks(code p1080) but then light...
  4. Transmission Shifting Problem! HELP

    Problems and Service
    2008 Chevy Cobalt (Auto) wont shift past 3rd gear. It starts "Free Revving" after about 3500 rpm in 3rd gear. Some have said Maybe the Trasmission Speed Sensor others say "Slave Cylinder". HELP -I was just driving and all the sudden the RPM shot up and didnt pick up speed. I tried pulling over...
  5. Auto Trans Weird Shift Points/feels Sluggish

    Hey, 2008 2.2 Ls here with about 65k. So for the last several months or so, it's felt like I've had to step on the gas more to get the car to shift down in several instances. For example, on the highway when cruising and I want to pass, I have to really stomp on it to get it to shift down...
  6. Computer Relearn After Battery Unhook

    Problems and Service
    So a few weeks ago, I swapped out my steering wheel, and had to unhook the battery. I knew the computer was going to reset and read the relearn process somewhere. I let it idle, and drove it hard on the road and highway for a while so it could relearn my driving style. But now on the highway...