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  1. Making My Own Intake

    Engine Mods
    I am going to make my own intake using the kit and parts sold at my local parts store (i.e. Advanced Auto or Pep-Boys) and I was wondering if this is truly everything needed to make a short ram intake? Besides a clamp or two. Any one with experience please help me out. I am trying to get the...
  2. Looking for Intake for 08 Ls Sedan

    Engine Mods
    Hey guys I am looking to get a short ram intake for my 08 Balt. It is a Lt and its a 4dr. 2.2l ecotec, I was wondering if anyone else got one for their sedan ls and if so where did they get it from and for how much?? I just got my car two days ago and its bone stock. Thanks guys.
  3. First Post and I Have a Couple of Intake Questions

    New Member Introductions
    i have a 2.2l 05 base model. and i have a few questions concerning cold air intakes. I heard they get dirty fast and have higher risk of water sucking up into your engine is this true? Also to install one do you have to remove your whole bumper or just your headlight? I was thinkin about...
  4. *Official Intake Thread*

    Engine Mods
    There have been soooo many threads about intakes lately. This thread will be used to ask questions about Intakes, all kinds! Post away! UPDATES:
  5. K&N Typhoon Installed! [Pictures!]

    Engine Mods
    Finally got a performance mod! Sounds mean when getting on it! Love it already! Video of before and after soon! :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile: Here's what my girlfriend wrote on the other side of the intake. lol :)