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sound system

  1. Trying to Hook Up Factory Amp to Base Model

    Hello, I have recently tried to upgrade my stereo system in my base model cobalt, which had no subs, or the factory amp. My friend's G5 recently got wrecked, and I took it in as a donor car for my car. Out of the many projects I will be doing to my cobalt, upgrading the stereo system is the...
  2. Are Any Cobalt Speakers Good?

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a pretty basic '06 cobalt ls as a dd. A couple of the speakers are blown, and I'm looking to upgrade. I like the sound system in my cavalier ls sport (stock), and was wondering if any of the cobalt models have decent speakers that I could upgrade to. I don't know...
  3. Deck, Amp and Sub Installation

    I have 2010 Cobalt LS and I'm looking to install a new sound system. I have the amp, subs, deck and mounting kit. What else do I need? Can I hook up my new deck to the wires from the stock stereo? I've been told that I could lose all the sounds and beeps my cars makes if I change out the stereo...