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  1. Problems and Service
    I own a 2007 chevy cobalt ls automatic, and I'm having issues with the speedometer not working and it will not shift. The car sat for 5 years and I got it running but on of the issues I found was the speedometer will not work and it will not shift out of 1st. The wires that run to the sensor...
  2. Problems and Service
    Specs 2010 Chevy Cobalt, 2-door Coupe, 2.2LT Engine. 76k Miles. Notes It has been a while since I've had a tune up, so I imagine I'm not doing my best to maintain good fluid levels. Checked all recalls and appears every recall was accounted for from GM (Not first owner, bought from Private...
  3. Forum FAQ's and How-to's (READ FIRST)
    Tail lights on my 2010 cobalt are not working, neither is the cluster light so can't see speedo at night. Not sure if those are two different problems? Does anyone have the wiring diagrams that would include these two areas? Also, I did discover that the PRK LAMP fuse (10A) was blown and...
  4. Problems and Service
    The speedometer backlight on my 2007 Cobalt LT is out. The fuel and tach gauges are still backlit, just not the speedometer. I don't think it is a fuse problem, because it would be the whole cluster that would be dark, correct? Did some quick Googling on speedometer-specific light problems, with...
  5. Interior & Exterior Styling
    So I am looking at a new gauge cluster for my Cobalt. Below is a link to the site. In addition to the Tac, Speedo, and Fuel Gauge, it has Volt, oil pressure, coolant temp, and transmission temp. Now, those are a lot of non standard gauges. I am curious how tricky that might be to install. US...
  6. Problems and Service
    My engine light came on, my mph guage and all other digital guage stopped working. My output speed sensor is out. We searched on my car for 2 hours and cannot find it anywhere. Any help? I drive a 08 cobalt lt
  7. For Sale (Car Related Only)
    i've got a speedometer cluster from a 2005 ls that i took out when i put a ss one in. Works perfect and is in good condition. I'd like to get 30$ + plus shipping. Thanks.
  8. Problems and Service
    like a lot of 06 cobalt owners i was having problems with my power steering and i found out there was a recall on it. but at the same time my speedometer quit working. I got the power steering motor replaced at the dealership but it didn't fix the problem of my speedometer what could be the problem?
  9. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Tires
    Ok, so i am looking at new wheels, they are steel wheels. I just have a few questions.... the dimension of the rim is 15x10. What backspacing (1 1/2 to 7 inches) would I need to keep my stock turning radius? next question, what size tires would i need to keep the same overall height, as to...
  10. Interior
    READ THIS FIRST - YEAR COMPATIBILITY INFORMATION If you get the same year speedometer as your car, it will work 100% 05-06 work with 05-06 and everything will work fine 05-06 will partly work with 07+, you will only see the mileage and temperature, you lose all other DIC features 07 will work on...
1-10 of 11 Results