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  1. What is This Cable? Corroded Power Cable.

    Problems and Service
    I jumped in my 09 Cobalt the other day and went to crank it but it didn't start up so I grabbed the wife's car and headed to work. When I got back I couldn't use the key fob to open the doors. Stuck the key in and open the doors and received lots of fun honking from the anti-theft system. The...
  2. Remote Start

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I bought the remote start from autozone rs82b part #. Its the bulldog security. It comes with the bypass included. im not sure on how to do it. Ive watched the video but the car in the video is different then a cobalt. Also i got the diagram off of their website like it says to do. i just need...
  3. Cobalt No Start/no Click

    Problems and Service
    Hey, this is my first post on this site and am hoping someone can help me before i invest more money that needs to be invested. last week i was heading home from work, when my valve gasket cover blew and started leaking. i pulled over, turned the car off and had the car towed home. ended up...
  4. Remote Start

    Problems and Service
    My LS came with an excaliber remote starter and it works decent except my steering column seems WAY loose and the trunk button doesnt work in car or on remote start FOB i'm guessing both are mess ups from the place that put in the remote start but i dont know for sure and i dont know who...