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  1. Swap Steering Wheel

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I want to take my stock steering wheel out of my 08 LT. Was thinking of putting a Grant 702 in to replace it. I know I'll lose the airbag, but is there anything else to take into consideration? Or anything to worry about? ? Anyone with firsthand knowledge? I just want to know more about what I'm...
  2. Vibrations in the Steering Wheel While Driving

    So I bought a 2010 Cobalt LT almost 5 years ago with only 35,500 miles on it. It's now at 137,000 miles and I've just begun doing some basic tune up work on it. However for about a year now I've had vibrations in my steering wheel when braking at 40+ MPH. It usually stops after it sinks below 20...
  3. For Sale: Various Parts for Sale

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Name: Jason (rains_crusader) Location: Northeast Indiana Contact Information: PM for payment info through PayPal. Description of item/items: Reply in the thread for more info about any particular item(s) Price - all prices posted do NOT include shipping. All parts are sold "as-is" please ask...
  4. Steering Wheel Shaking Under Hard Braking

    Problems and Service
    Sup guys. So I thought I'd ask, this has been happening for about a year or two now. When I brake somewhat hard at highway speeds (exiting off and whatnot), my steering wheel shakes. It only happens when I brake moderately to hard, which is not often. Years ago, I had warped rotors and I felt...
  5. Dash Control Buttons on Steering Wheel Not Working

    Problems and Service
    The set and reset buttons on my 2010 Lts steering wheel are not working. I am not the most mechanically inclined person and doint really have a clue about how to go about fixing this...any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. I Need a Picture from the Steering Wiring

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    While replacing the steering column i cut the wiring and have no idea in which wire goes into which plug. I just need someone to take a close up picture of the wiring connector that goes into the steering module, so i can arrange mine accordingly. [/IMG]
  7. Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I currently have a steering wheel with only cruise control but I was thinking about buying the upgraded steering wheel with all the radio and cruise control buttons. Is my stock stereo already pre-wired to work with the better steering wheel or would it take a lot of work to get the radio...
  8. FS: Dash Trim, Emblem, SS Badge, Other Misc Interior...

    For Sale (Car Related Only)
    hey all! just the usual - got some extra parts lying around and need to get them sold off. - SOLD! 2 SS dash trim pieces for either side of (left & right) the steering wheel w/ fog lights button - right-side trim piece - SOLD! front cupholder - NOT the insert cupholder - $10+shipping - chevy...
  9. Alignment that isnt aligned?

    Ok, so many of you know I recently installed Eibach Sportlines to my 2.2L LS. When I first installed, the steering wheel was cocked to the right and driving straight. I went to get an alignment and after, it PULLED to the right. I then got it aligned AGAIN and they printed out all of the specs...