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  1. Steering Rattle

    Problems and Service
    Hi guys! I have a 2009 Cobalt I’ve replaced the steering shaft and the RF outer tie-rod. When I turn the wheel left and right quickly it makes a clunk/rattle noise (much like a sway bar link - which have also been replaced a few months ago and are still tight). It will only make this noise when...
  2. Bad Steering Rack, Again

    Problems and Service
    '07 Cobalt LS, FE1, EPS, 65K miles. Bought used, 2 yrs ago, from an estate; probably had been sitting a while. I haven't found any evidence of an accident. Checking against the VIN, all recalls have been done. I had to replace the rack & intermediate steering shaft the winter after we got...
  3. Steering Noise

    Problems and Service
    '07 LS; EPS, 60K miles I have an intermittent clunk/clack/grinding noise on low-speed turns. (Intermittent as in, sometimes it won't make the noise for days, while other times it's every slow turn.) It's louder inside the car than out. The noise doesn't seem to depend on turning angle. So...
  4. Steering Weirdness

    Problems and Service
    '07 LS; EPS; FE1; 60K miles Background: I installed a (used, not reman) rack and pinion and (new) intermediate shaft about a year ago. The old rack was seriously failing, and this took care of the problem. The last few days, there's been intermittent noise when the steering wheel is...
  5. Rattling in Steering Fix

    Problems and Service
    Hello all, I Just wanted to post a video that I made reguarding the rattling in the steering when going over bumps.
  6. Intermediate Shaft Firewall Seal Installation?

    Problems and Service
    '07 Cobalt LS I'm replacing the intermediate shaft (and the rack, for that matter). I'm having great difficulty getting the shaft boot to seat into the opening in the firewall. The boot has a 'doughnut' that's supposed to pop through the opening, thereby locking the boot in place. I haven't...
  7. Hi All!

    New Member Introductions
    I just want to say Hi and introduce myself. I am the proud owner of a '09 Cobalt that I paid way too much for, but I just love Cobalts and I, well let's just say my options were few. I had previously owned an '05 Cobalt LS that my parents had purchased brand new and when my Mom passed, I was...
  8. Suspension and Timing. Anything else I Should Consider?

    Problems and Service
    I own a 2006 Cobalt LS with 70,000 miles of northern New York driving (Snow and salt). I have a front driver side wheel bearing going bad. My shocks are all in need of replacement too, and I though I might as well do the timing chain while the car is on jacks. The u joint on the intermediate...
  9. Various Suspension/Steering Issues

    Problems and Service
    Hey guys, So I'm starting to push just under 90k miles, and my front end just feels like it needs a reboot. I just wanted to list some of my problems and see if anybody thinks any of them are related, or if anyone knows what might be up. I just replaced my left wheel bearing a while ago, but...
  10. 07 Cobalt Electric Power Steering Calibration?

    My 07 Cobalt LT has not really loose steering. The steering is tight, but sometimes driving down the road at low and high speeds it feels loose and I have to constantly adjust the steering wheel to keep the car on path. Is there such a thing as calibrating the electric power steering sensors to...
  11. Tire Size for New Rims/ Will the Rims Fit?

    Ok, so i am looking at new wheels, they are steel wheels. I just have a few questions.... the dimension of the rim is 15x10. What backspacing (1 1/2 to 7 inches) would I need to keep my stock turning radius? next question, what size tires would i need to keep the same overall height, as to...
  12. Cobalt power steering

    Ok, I see that alot of people have problem with the power steering, also I know that if you pull out the fuse you will no have power steering at all, but how is the driving without power steering? Also how to pull out the power steering fuse - where its located and what to pull out? Thanks in...