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  1. Audio/Video
    im installing aftermarket audio in my 05 cobalt LS 2.2 and having a very very hard time. speakers- Kenwoods 6.5s & 6X9s. sub- Fosgate 12'' 500w 2 ohm dvc. amp- Boss 4 chan 400w. first put in 6.5s... work great. added 6x9s using OEM wire and hardware, got constant static hiss in the musics...
  2. Audio/Video
    My Kicker system and Pioneer Deck
  3. Audio/Video
    I have an 08 cobalt coupe with a dual xdma450 head unit and a jensen 720 amp that pushes 2 10" kicker subs. I want to build a box that will split my backseat in half and put an or 10" sub in there. To do so i would need to buy another amp and my head unit only has one output for subs. How would...
  4. Audio/Video
    So, since replacing my front and rear speakers with Alpine Type-S', I've gotten a better job which allows me to afford a complete sound system in my car. I'm not a fan of any Alpine reciever, but I've decided on this reciever from Pioneer: Pioneer AVH-P3200BT DVD receiver at Crutchfield...
  5. Audio/Video
    I have a 2010 chevy cobalt coupe. My parents are going to get me a new bass for christmas. What is a good way i can keep the stock unit but just put a new sub in. Also what is a good amp to put in. this will all be in the trunk.
  6. Audio/Video
    This question is short and sweet. Do I NEED to replace my head unit to wire up these subs and amp my buddy is selling? I'm not sure the brands (not that important, the whole set is 50$) but I was told I need to replace my head unit to wire it up. If you don't have to, how difficult will it be...
  7. Audio/Video
    I'm getting a new amp because the one I've got in my car now BLEW! [New amp comes next week] I didnt install any of my current system [head unit, amp, subs, nothing!] So how can I replace this amp? And should I mount it [if I am able to] somewhere different than on the back of the box? And...
  8. Audio/Video
    Are the trunks of the LS coupe and SS coupe the same size? Im getting a new ported box made for my subs and if I get it fitted for my LS, will I be able to put it in my future SS down the road?
  9. Audio/Video
    Im wanting to get the max amount of power from my Alpine head unit, pioneer amp, and dual MTX 10's. Im not the best with audio so if you could, recommend a good setting like mhz or whatever it is I should set my HU at, that would be awesome! Thanks guys
1-9 of 10 Results