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subwoofer audio

  1. Amp and Sub Hookup in '05 Cobalt

    So I have been looking all over and cannot find the information I am looking for so I thought I would post a new thread. My cobalt is a 2005 base model 4 door. About a year and a half ago, I put in a new Pioneer head unit. I used the PAC interface to keep the retained accessory power (RAP) so...
  2. Box Help?

    Anyone have any pointers on building a custom fiberglass box for my balt? i have been building speaker boxes for years but never have tackled fiberglass. any help is appreciated.
  3. Post up your system!

    so im getting the rest of my system installed tomororw *finally. geez i've had audio equipment sitting in my bedroom stacked up for about 5 months now* and thought it'd be cool to see what everybody is rockin the town with. i dont have any pics yet, but i'll update them when i get all my install...