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  1. Engine Swap

    Engine Mods
    hey guys I have a 06 ss supercharged and I was wondering how difficult would it be to swap a turbocharged engine in it, and what engine would be best. The supercharged engine has 100,000 miles, and i want lower miles and always wanted a turbocharged engine. what would be best? could it even happen?
  2. Question for More Hp??????

    Engine Mods
    ----For my Friend---- He has a cobalt ss 2007 (I think it's 205hp) and want to know if it's possible to chip it to have 260 hp like a 2008 and how much it cost. Does it damage the engine or transmission, etc..
  3. How To: Change Your Cabin Air Filter

    No tools required. Open your glove box. There are 2 tabs on either side of the glove box. Press those inwards, this will allow the Glove box to fall. Look behind the glove box and you will see a flap with 3 clips. Unclip those with your fingers and pull downwards. The Air filter is...
  4. First Time Driving a Stick Shift Car

    Can anyone give me any useful hints on perfecting the stick shift. I bought a 07 SS Supercharged a week ago and I've been driving it for about 3 of those days. I'm still not so gravy with the launch. Car still bucks a little bit but I don't stall it anymore. How long did you guys take to master...