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  1. Strut Leaking - What Should i do?

    Problems and Service
    Hey guys i found out when i was changing my oil that something was leaking and it turns out to be by driver's side front strut. I was wondering what my best options are to replacing. I know that i have to replace in pairs but was probably just going to replace all four anyways. I was thinking of...
  2. Grease Points on Suspension - 2008 Cobalt LS

    Hello All. I have been taking good care of my Cobalt LS which has 128K miles on it. I received it (for $0) when it had 100K. I have to say the previous owner took very good care of it overall. When I dropped the auto trans pan I was terrified that the fluid had never been changed and coal size...
  3. Suspension Feels Odd

    suspension feels odd I have been driving it for two years and lately it feels odd and I just can't place it my dad drove it recently once for 10 or 20 minutes and he attributes it to "sport suspension" since it's a 2LT it was just at the dealer for fixing the brakes so there shouldn't be...
  4. Wheel Bearing Upgrade

    Hey guys! First post here! I am looking to replace my front wheel bearing and I was thinking that perhaps I should go for an upgrade! First of all is it worth going past OEM ones? If so what would y'all recommend? :) :) :)
  5. FE1 to FE3 Suspension

    New Member Introductions
    I went onto A1 auto and was looking at suspension for my 2007 Chevy cobalt LS FE1 model suspension. i want to buy better suspension but have been told by different companies that the FE1 and FE3 suspension kits are incompatible. I want to put the FE3 suspension on because it looks nicer and runs...
  6. 2009 LT Rear Springs Broken

    Install Guides/DIY
    Hi All, I found out both of the rear coil springs on my cobalt are broken, and judging by the rust on the tips where they snapped, they've been broken for a while. Suprisingly, it doesn't look like the back end is all that much lower, probably because I've only lost one turn of the...
  7. Shaking at Higher Speeds, Heavy Drops into Gears, Shaking While Braking

    I've been experiencing this problem for a couples months now. I have an 07 automatic lt and when I shift into reverse or drive it drops into gear heavily and feels like the front wheels shift. This also happens when I accelerate and the transmission switches gears, it feels like the wheels...
  8. Suspension and Timing. Anything else I Should Consider?

    Problems and Service
    I own a 2006 Cobalt LS with 70,000 miles of northern New York driving (Snow and salt). I have a front driver side wheel bearing going bad. My shocks are all in need of replacement too, and I though I might as well do the timing chain while the car is on jacks. The u joint on the intermediate...
  9. Various Suspension/Steering Issues

    Problems and Service
    Hey guys, So I'm starting to push just under 90k miles, and my front end just feels like it needs a reboot. I just wanted to list some of my problems and see if anybody thinks any of them are related, or if anyone knows what might be up. I just replaced my left wheel bearing a while ago, but...
  10. Front End Clunk

    I have a clunk coming from the driver side of my 05 cobalt ls when I apply the break for the first time in drive after being in reverse. Only does it once. I can go forward all day long after that without it happening again until I back up then go forward again. Rotors are tight calipers are...
  11. Fe-5's or Konica Yellows?

    Fe-5's or Koni Yellows? This winter pretty much toasted my suspension all the way around so I am upgrading EVERYTHING in a month or so. Just wondering if there is enough of a benefit of Koni yellows over the Fe-5's from CED to justify the price jump. For springs I am going with B&G's.
  12. KSport Lowering Springs?

    Does anybody have the KSport GT lowering springs on their Cobalt? I've been looking for cheap lowering springs for a while and found them for $156 with free shipping. I know that everyone on here will say you get what you pay for and try to talk me into buying some more expensive ones, but I'm...
  13. Auto Trans and Coilovers

    Hey guys I am about to be getting coilovers pretty soon here but as i was reading around here and other forums, i read that coilovers on an auto trans car is a bad idea. I read that it causes axel bind which. I know that a pretty stupid question but if anyone knows if that true or not and could...
  14. Aftermarket Control Arm Suggestions?

    Posted on here a few months ago and found out my control arm bushing had worn out. Easy fix right? No big deal right? WRONG. After eight long hours on a frozen concrete floor in a cramped garage I finally managed to fix the problem. They suggested to do both at the same time, but I am a firm...
  15. How Do I Identify My Suspension

    I've looked and cannot find the answers I need so if this is a re-post I apologize in advance. I want to know how I know what suspension I have on my 05 LS? I work at a parts store and I'm gonna upgrade to FE5 stuff if I don't already have it and if I do upgrade or at least replace it I need to...
  16. Where to Start with Suspension

    Hey guys so im going to start with suspension before my engine because all of the reading ive been doing on here recommends starting with suspension. I was just wondering where to start. I am getting new rims soon and i am going to lower it after that. After i lower it, what should i do? I...
  17. Whos on Air?

    So ive been looking around for balts on air. Can only find one you tube video with a balt on air. I even went to Slamology 2012 and didnt see a single cobalt there. This is a future mod Id love to do, but it seems no one has done it. I would like pictures of lt and ss balts on air. Tell me what...
  18. LS Stock Suspension Brand New to Suspension! LOST!!

    Im brand new to suspension and its componets, i have looked through the threads and i havnt been able to find my answer so if there is a thread out there than im sorry for reposting! I have a stock 06 ls and im looking to do a basic upgrade up the suspension without going wayyy deep into it...
  19. Ion on Cobalt?

    So, last tuesday i hit a curb a little too hard that it broke the control arm on the passenger side. i may have problems from the strut and maybe (i hope not) the cradel. but i was wondering if the control arms, strut towers, etc on a cobalt are similar to an ion. at a junkyard here, there are 3...
  20. Shaking!!

    Problems and Service
    I researched the 7 pages of threads for "steering wheel shaking" and read about 15 different threads kind of like my problem. I have a base model cobalt with 17's, eibach sportlines, steering rack spacers and a camber kit. When I got them done it shaked a slight bit. I live in a new area with...