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  1. Engine Mods
    So i want to keep the car that i have and possibly the engine that is currently in the car. The engine I have is in really good shape and only have 34k miles. I would love to keep the engine and only change a few things to it and the harness itself. What do i need to make my 05 2.2l tunable. Can...
  2. Transmission
    Hello I'm new to the forum and I am in need of help. My fiance and I recently bought a used 2008 Cobalt LS and I am having transmission problems. Long story but I'll try to summarize, I took it to a mechanic and said the tranny will have to be rebuilt or replaced, he said he would have to send...
  3. Engine Mods
    I own a 2006 chevy cobalt ss sedan 2.4l with a few mods to it it, I recently found a doner car (2007 chevy cobalt ss 2.0 SC coupe) on kijiji for a good price with a brand new motor in it rebuilt clutch and new tranny, I want to know if its possible to swap everything into my sedan. ( i like the...
  4. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I just bought some SS/SC Recaro seats but they dont come with the passenger wiring for the airbag sensor on them. I still have my old cloth ones and I want to switch out the sensor from my old ones to the recaros but I have a few questions. Will the recaros still be snug if I put the sensor...
  5. Engine Mods
    Starting a thread here to try to get more info on engine swaps from a 2.2L Ecotec to a 2.4L any info please comment
  6. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I just picked up an '06 LS coupe over the weekend, I already put in a DDM Tuning 600k Bi-Xenon HID kit and swapped all the 194 bulbs to LED as well as an LED dome light. My next goals are red LED lights on the interior. First I'm going to put in red 5050 SMD strips over the footwells, where's...
  7. Audio/Video
    HI im new to these forums,.....I really wanna figure out what radios i can swap into my 2010 balt.....i know the silverado and suburban use the same base radio....but i would like one of the touchscreens, far as i know that was never offered on the cobalt.......:thanks
  8. Engine Mods
    Has anyone put a turbo from an ss onto an ls? I searched with no luck. I wanna go turbo, and this seems like a cheaper way to go. I'd like to hear from someone who has done this but im welcome to all info, thanks guys.
  9. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Tires
    Playing around on craigslist, i found a full FE5 suspension setup (struts,shocks,springs-f/r). The guy wants $120 dollars picked up. They have 43k on them. i am looking for a slightly better stance, and an overall better ride quality. Im just unsure about the price. Any opinions would be...
  10. Engine Mods
    i dont plan on engine swapping or anything to put a new engine on a cobalt but was wondering if it was even possible doing so because me and my friends had a convo about engine swapping on some cars. ive seen some small v6 engines in my class at auto tech. it looked like it can fit in a cobalt...
  11. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Tires
    hello. Im interested in a minor wheel upgrade. I want to replace my 17s on my 2lt with the 18s off of an SS model. anyone done this yet?
  12. Engine Mods
    So, I'm driving a 2006 LT 2.2L. I've put a Injen CAI intake into it, and I'm looking to doing some more engine work now. One thing I was looking at doing was's 2.2L to 2.4L Intake Manifold (Ecotec HO Intake Manifold Kit 2.2MMGF - Crate Engine Depot) And the one thing I'm...
  13. Wanted (Car Related Only)
    looking to swap out my rear setup with a g5 :) pm me if you have a black g5 that wants a cobalt rear look
1-13 of 13 Results