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  1. Bad Cam Follower?

    Problems and Service
    So I think I have a bad cam follower or lifter or whatever we are calling them these days... Any idea how big of a job this might be? I was thinking of just putting a paint mark on the cam sprockets and chain, removing the tensioner, popping the cams off, rip out the (hopefully obvious) bad...
  2. HELP! What Does This Noise Mean?

    Problems and Service
    I've had this car for a few weeks and just noticed this noise. It sounds like if you tapped 2 pennies together over and over. Seems to be coming from somewhere around the air filter. Doesn't SEEM to increase with pressing the gas pedal. Just steady ticking. Maybe its just an exhaust...
  3. Random Ticking and Smoking

    Problems and Service
    so me and my friends were standing and it smelt like some thing was burning. and one of my friends asked if my car was on because they could hear it running and i said no the keys were in my pocket so me and my friends went to my car and it was smoking and ticking. the inside lights and the...
  4. Are My Struts Going Bad?

    Problems and Service
    Okay I've been searching all over the internet looking for the solution to my problem and can't find much so I'm guessing my struts are going bad? When driving down the interstate I start hearing a ticking type of noise that appears to be coming from below my feet (the wheel well). It starts at...