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  1. Problems and Service
    Bought a Chevy cobalt used and noticed that it had a loud rattling noise. Opened it up and saw broken guides and started working on replacing the chain and guides but I noticed that with the kit I bought the sprockets don't look the same? Just wanted input on it and I also made sure it was very...
  2. Problems and Service
    What would cause the small rollers to break like this? 2008 LS with 30k since last time I rebuilt the engine to include replacing the chains. I don't remember the brand.
  3. Problems and Service
    I have done a lot on my car over the years, I have not done anything internal to the vehicle. Quite honestly that scares me a bit with it being my daily and I work 6 days a week. Its close thankfully but I need to get this done asap. I have read multiple posts about doing this but was wondering...
  4. Problems and Service
    Hello all! I am currently working on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt with a 2.2l Ecotech engine. I am replacing the Timing Chain. I have the engine set at TDC on the Compression stroke on the #1 Cylinder (Closest to Camshaft Sprockets). I removed the old timing chain, and now I am in the process of...
  5. Problems and Service
    I'm in the middle of a timing chain replacement. I've been using ff drift lol 's very helpful post in the diy section. Ive got 2 questions 1. At tdc compression stroke (with the orig. chain that is working) the cam sprockets are the opposite of what I read they should be. Meaning on the...
1-5 of 8 Results