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  1. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I am wanting to tint my tail lights on my 06 Coupe, but am curious as to the best way to do it with the lights not being flat like on the sedans. I'm afraid I will get a lot of the overspray from the sides of the lights on the front and it would look like crap. Does anyone know of any solutions...
  2. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Random pics of My Cobalt. Maybe I'll get back into posting and put up some interior pics soon. Can anyone make a banner for me with the Pic thats a Far shot??? If so can you make the name "Josh The Shocker" Thanks
  3. Vehicle Showoff
    Thread has updated pictures throughout... BUT the good/better quality ones are on this first post! Updated 6/2/10 Bought the car back in June 2008, bone stock, brand new w/ 26 miles on it... oh yeah AND I AM A GIRL!!!! lol Stock Options Rear Spoiler Automatic transmission Blue Flash Metallic...
1-3 of 3 Results