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  1. ZZP/Megan Racing/Tsudo Differences?

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    Obviously everyone has their preferences on exhausts, and pricing and quality very quite a bit. I've seen plenty of "what exhaust do you PREFER threads" but what I am curious in is the objective differences between ZZP, Megan Racing, and Tsudo catbacks. I plan to put a new catback on my 2007...
  2. Ebay Exhaust or Branded?

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    ive seen branded exhausts and they seem a bit pricy for my, tsudo is the second cheapest, but then i found an exhaust on ebay similar to tsudo that is cheaper with free shipping. it seems legit in my opinion. its a top rated seller at 99.2% positive feedback. Check it out. 2005-2007 06 CHEVY...
  3. Brand-New Tsudo

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    Hey guys, just ordered a brand new Tsudo N-1 catback exhaust today. Should be here some time next week n a buddy of mine is gunna help install it. Anyone have comments/concerns about this exhaust with the way it sounds, looks, runs? If so I would be interested to know what you guys think of it...
  4. Help My Build Please

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    im going to be getting these parts. i read the fourm about all of it, but im still confused. i have a 06 ls sadan 2.2 tsudo cat back cobalt performance 4:1 header/downpipe will the tsudo mount onto the downpipe? i will be getting the cat back first. then the header and downpipe. after the...
  5. New to the Cobalt Forum! Hello Everybody!

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    :bigsmile:Whats up ppl... new to the forum and a good one by the way, 5*'s Im just gonna jump right into it, i was thinking of buy a Tsudo Exhaust from a friend for my 2010 Chevy Cobalt Coupe LT XFE and was wondering if it would fit, i was assured it will but i want to double check... Second...
  6. Opinions Needed

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    Alright so ive been doing some research on my next exhaust and have been able to lower it down to 2 The DC Sports cat back DC Sports Exhaust - Chevrolet Cobalt Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust - DC Sports Exhaust VS The Tsudo n1 cat back Tsudo 2005-07 Chevrolet Cobalt LS/LT/LTZ N1 Performance...
  7. system_killer / 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT / Fort Riley, Kansas

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    Vehicle Showoff This is my 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT from Fort Riley Kansas This is what i have for now Tsudo Catback Exhaulst, Injen CAI, Trifecta Tune, CF Hood Custom System all MTX, Touch screen, interior LEDs, LEDs in the trunk, Pulstar plugs, Ebach lowering springs 2.5 fromt and back,
  8. Exhaust

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    Hey, I've been reading through the site and the posts and it seems like 90% of people here who have new exhausts are Tsudo exhaust systems and I was wondering why everyone chooses that one, if there's any cheaper ones that offer similar advantages, or if there are any similarly priced ones that...