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  1. Engine Mods
    I'm seriously thinking about putting a turbo on my 08 cobalt. What size can I put on it to get a little more power without having to upgrade everything else? I also have an automatic transmission.
  2. Engine Mods
    what turbo should I use for my 2006 cobalt ss and where should I buy it from
  3. Engine Mods
    Doing the Saab 9-3 turbo swap and wondered if there was anyone else on this forum that has that could post a pic of your cold side intercooler pipe so I can get some ideas. Thanks!
  4. Engine Mods
    I have a 2008 Cobalt LS sedan and want to possibly give it a little more power. it has over 120,000 miles on it cause the previous owner took it all over the country. I asked a friend who works on cars a lot and services cars for his friends if it'd be good to go to a junk yard for a lower price...
  5. Engine Mods
    Has anyone put a turbo from an ss onto an ls? I searched with no luck. I wanna go turbo, and this seems like a cheaper way to go. I'd like to hear from someone who has done this but im welcome to all info, thanks guys.
  6. Engine Mods
    hey guys I have a 06 ss supercharged and I was wondering how difficult would it be to swap a turbocharged engine in it, and what engine would be best. The supercharged engine has 100,000 miles, and i want lower miles and always wanted a turbocharged engine. what would be best? could it even happen?
  7. For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Name: Rynoman03 Location: Topeka, KS Contact Information: PM or email me [email protected] Payment: Paypal only - [email protected] For Sale: 1 ZZP Turbo Intake without sensors or air filter. $150.00 Shipped OBO. Has the Typical rub mark on it from rubbing the hood. I can throw some...
  8. Engine Mods
    hey guys have a 07 cobalt ss 2.4 na 5 speed. i currently have a header, 3in catless dp and a full 3 inch magnaflow exhaust. i want a turbo and i dont have too much money. would a universal turbo kit on ebay do fine??? and i know that i would have to get my ecu/pcm reprogrammed, and im not too...
  9. Vehicle Showoff
    Well, I think my car has enough done to it to justify a showoff thread, even though it's not quite done yet. I gotta say, I love my car. It's really grown on me since the day I bought it. Happy i made the choice I did. It has been very good to me and I will be good to it so that it lasts me...
  10. For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Havent been on here in a while but a few of you know me. I'm selling a K04 turbo, in perfect condition. Asking $400+shipping or available for local pick up. Im located in the El Paso, TX area.
  11. All about MPG
    At 3.48 a gallon I have now officially wanted to get off my butt and do something when it comes to my MPG. I am new to this idea, and obviously need a little bit of help. My average MPG right now is 30 mostly hwy, I would like to see a little more. So please if you would from some MPG pro's...
  12. Engine Mods
    So i have renectly found an eaton m62 off a 06 cobalt. It has 16000 miles on it. Its coming from a junkyard and they are asking 450 for it. Any one think this is to high of a price for one?
  13. Engine Mods
    Okay i have the 06 cobalt 2.2 and im looking to get a turbo for it. But im sure u cant just turbo it without other mods first. Im going to be doing it as i get the money to afford it. so what are the first things i need to do in order to get it "turbo ready" this is what i know I need new...
  14. Engine Mods
    Hi there. I have a 2007 Cobalt LT. It's an automatic coupe and for me, pretty quick and agile. My question - can a small turbocharger be put onto this model? I believe it's a 2.2L engine. I know, I'm a total novice, but a little more power sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you!
  15. Engine Mods
    I am new to all of this turbo charged stuff. I am coming from naturally aspirated V8 torque monsters. I am probably going to upgrade to a hann intake and charging pipe after I have my dealership install the stage 1 upgrade on my 2010 SS. The question I have is the Blow off valve. Does it...
  16. Interior
    No tools required. Open your glove box. There are 2 tabs on either side of the glove box. Press those inwards, this will allow the Glove box to fall. Look behind the glove box and you will see a flap with 3 clips. Unclip those with your fingers and pull downwards. The Air filter is...
  17. Engine Mods
    Hey guys, I have an Injen CAI and Intercooler installed and after I noticed that the turbo "barks" or "farts" when I release the gas pedal after a medium to hard acceleration. I can't seem to find any information on this for the cobalt but seems to be a regular problem with turbo diesels. Has...
  18. Engine Mods
    So i dont know a whole lot about turbos, specifically the SS cobalts, but my friend is upgrading the turbo on his lancer ralliart to the evo, so now he said i could have his old turbo (off the ralliart for FREE :-D) and all the parts with it, downpipe, intercooler, etc.. My question is can i...
  19. Wanted (Car Related Only)
    Hey i was seeing if anyone with a stock SS/TC was going with a bigger aftermarket turbo and wanted to sell their stock one, or if they wanted to sell their stock piping/intercooler etc. Thanks :-D
1-19 of 23 Results