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turn signals

  1. Electrical/wiper/left Turn/air Bag/left Headlight

    Problems and Service
    Drove home on 364 mile trip. Parked the car in driveway. Went out to start it and put it in garage. Turned the ignition on and the wiper came on. Moving the wiper contriol has no effect. Turned ignition off, but the wiper keeps working. The right headlight is normal, the left is dim. Get...
  2. How to Install Custom LED Turn Signals

    Hey guys, As promised, but long overdue, here's a tutorial I did to add custom LED turn signals on my sideview mirrors. I attempted to put it all up on here today, but the how-to is over the character limit for forum posts. I guess that's my bad... Anyway, it's not nearly as difficult as it...
  3. Burning Out Turn Signal Light Bulbs

    Problems and Service
    My wifes 2005 Cobalts eats turn signal light bulbs. The headlamp assembly does have the condensation problem so I drilled a small hole to allow for drainage. However, the car has burnt out many bulbs. I change the bulb and the problems goes away only return much to my annoyance. Am I missing...