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  1. Audio/Video
    i got some new componet speaker and tweeters and i wanted to install the tweeters were they are on the ss models. I really dont want to cut a bigger hole in the piece that came with mine so does anyone know were to get the part that is made for the tweeterson the ss models
  2. Audio/Video
    I over analyze everything, and I'm putting in tweeters tomorrow morning. I've seen them put in the sail panels ( I like how it looks) and also in the door panel right in front of the handle ( doesn't look bad). Which one has a better soundstage? I want my car to sound amazing and have bought...
  3. Audio/Video
    ok so i ordered 4 1 inch tweeter and hooked them up to an amp, the tweeters have some static in the background that distorts the sound? Any ideas why this is or how it can be fixed? It's a 300 watt amp, Power Acoustik N-1 tweeters, 100 watt max each tweeter
1-3 of 3 Results