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  1. For Sale (Car Related Only)
    Name: Shadwfx/Jay Location: Phila, PA Means of Contact: replies on this thread or forum PM's are best Description: factory and aftermarket parts My balt got busted in a crash (see this post for reference), and I'm parting out what I have left of the fella. Prices do not include shipping. Up...
  2. Transmission
    Hi all. I recently got the TWM short shifter, and it did not come with the metal bushings or washers. washers i have, so no prob there. however, i have the following questions about the bushings: 1) can i still install it using the already-existing stock rubber bushings? 2) if i do need the...
  3. Transmission
    so today i drove a friend's SS/SC (which, by the way, was awesome fun - can't believe the power difference between LS/LT and SS!) to try out their short shifter before i commit to buying one. he had a Hurst short shift, which was VERY difficult to get into 5th - as in, you couldn't really...
1-3 of 3 Results