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  1. LT in the Snow

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, my name's Matt. I'm up in the Duluth, MN area. I got my 2010 Cobalt LT Coupe from my Grandma when she started developing eyesight problems as a result of the early stages of Alzheimers. I got the car with only 21000 miles on it in 2013 (about a year older as of May 26th), currently got...
  2. Michinan, Winter, and Switching to Stock Springs?

    Michigan, Winter, and Switching to Stock Springs? Hey Guys, I'm looking at getting some K Sport or Eibach lowering springs this summer, but my dad is being tough about it, because the car is under his name, and I don't really have a job to pay off my own car and insurance. So he sounds willing...
  3. Who Knew Finding Winter Rims Would Be So Hard

    So far got 2 of my winter rims some 15inch steelies and i was wondering is the backspacing of 35 gonna make any difference i think the balts is 40
  4. Any Fall or Winter Meets?

    It seams to me as soon as it gets a little chilly everyone disappears. Ive been going to meets all over the southeast PA area with other car clubs and tuners and I was just wondering if any of the cobalt guys still get together? It seams like as soon as it gets chilly out there is no more...
  5. Winter Tire and Rim Sizes Needed

    I have got the basic idea of what I want but need the sizes of some things. the stock wheels on my balt are the 17inch ss wheels running a 205/50R17 perelli p6 tire and this is on the 5 stud hub. For my winter tires I want to buy some 15inch steelies but i don't know what I would get them off of...
  6. Would These Work for Winter Wheels

    4 Jeep steel wheels I'm pretty sure the specs on them are 15x7 with a 5x4.5 bolt pattern, I know the tires on them will not work I just want a set a steel wheels for the winter
  7. Question About Wheels and Tires for Winter

    Since I live in Pa and the roads get quite horrible in the winter i was planning on buying on buying a set of steel rims and some aggressive tires with studs in them. the question I have is as of now i have 17 inch rims but for the winter set i wanted to run 15 inch rims and was wondering if...
  8. Post a Pic of Your WINTER SET UP!

    Like the title says, post up a pic of your winter set up. LETS SEE THOSE STOCKERS!! :laugh: p.s. I dont put MY stockers on for the winter :)