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won't start

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    Any help please. I parked my 2006 chevy cobalt and then went to move it and it will not start. All the dash lights up, radio on, etc. The only thing that doesn't move is my fuel gauge, it says empty but it is not empty. The anti-theft lights up and then clears like normal. When you turn the...
  2. Problems and Service
    Hey guys i'm having a really weird problem with my cobalt LT 2007. There seems to be two common problems that occur each day. 1st: when im driving my car, all of a sudden all the odometers drop (gas, rpm and speed) and the emergency break light comes up (red ! with the circle around it) and...
  3. Problems and Service
    I drive a 2009 cobalt. One day out of the blue when i went to start my car the engine continually cranked but would not turn over. I have checked the battery, fuel, and replaced spark plugs. I'm hoping to be able to fix this myself if anyone can give me advice on finding the problem.