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Alright guys, ready for this? I FINALLY got her running right! Accelerates great now, starts up like normal and has great torque again with no bogging down. I redid the timing by taking it apart and putting new chains and timing tensioner (just in case chains stretched cause I drove it around for a little bit) and when I pulled the tensioner out it seemed weird, and when I put the new set together and put the new tensioner in and I activated it a different way (last time used a screwdriver and tapped it a few times, I thought it did then but now don’t think it activated, and this time I used a long wooden dowel and made 100% sure it was activated, the chain had no slack afterward) and when I went around with ratchet and socket on the crank it went around no problem multiple times. I also used better oil (IMO) changed the filter etc. and she sounds so much better, so thank you guys again for all the help, it helped me narrow down that I messed up the timing the first time and figured out the tensioner needs to be hit pretty hard to activate (at least mine both did) cause I’m the book it says a gentle tap with a rubber/wood/blunt object and it was more than a gentle tap to activate that thing 😂 So, to sum up, I believe the first time I didn’t have the tensioner torqued down fully (didn’t have a torque wrench that would reach there at the time, I do now) and I didnt activate it so it probably skipped a tooth on startup and just caused drivability issues, cause they are gone now and all I touched was the timing, but the compression is fine and everything else is as it was before. Still gonna do my exhaust and my fuel stuff, for upkeep/preventative maintenance, but now I know that isn’t what was causing the issues, when I do those it will just make it run even better 🏎💨 Just for fun here’s the pics of the timing as it sits now, the set I just put in. Feels good to have finally won the battle with this car 👑🤙🏻 Thanks for all the help everyone 💡
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