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07 passlock electrical

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Alright guys im posting this in order to see if anyone has some helpful info. I’ve got a 07 cobalt 2.2 with an intermittent electrical issue. My theft light comes on, gauge cluster goes wack, and shift points go erratic. When I was a tech last year I ran thru bulletins on oil in connector and bad ground on trans. No issues found there but I cleaned the ground, added a redundant ground from tcm. That fixed my issue for 6ish months until just recently it started doing it again but worse.
I get a p0700 followed by a u0073 communication code.

Harness by oil filter is in good condition not rubbing.

No signs of issues in connectors and pin tests were all good.

I’m asking this question as I am no longer a tech with access to wiring diagrams. Thanks !
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Search the forum for ground location images
Loss of GM lan.
and How to clean BCM contacts.
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