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Say What again!
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This thread will feature a few parts lists of people who have gone 2.2L Supercharged.

Here is mine - it may be edited if I forget anything

2007 Cobalt LT 2.2L L61 SC:

-M62 Supercharger
-2.9” Intense Pulley
-Ported LSJ Throttle Body
-LSJ Intake Manifold
-Stage 2 Belt (One rib cut off)
-#42 Lucas Injectors w/ Pigtails
-Intake Manifold-SC Gasket
-TB-SC Gasket
-TB Hard Vac Hose
-Auto Meter Boost/Vac Gauge
-Modified LSJ Air Intake (w/ Spectre Filter)
-H/E Pump Bracket
-Extra 2.2L Injector Harness
-LSJ Lower Intake Manifold Brace
-Cobra Heat Exchanger/Bwoody Brackets
-LSJ Belt Tensioner
-LSJ Idler Pulley
-LSJ Alternator Bracket (PN 12584365)
-LSJ Washer Reservoir (PN 22729469)
-LSJ 1 Bar MAP Sensor
-LSJ Brake Booster Hose
-ZZP A-Pillar Gauge Pod (3 Pods)
-Extra Coolant for Engine (1 Gal Prestone 50/50 Dexcool, 1 Bottle of Water Wetter)
-Coolant for H/E Circuit (1 Gal Prestone 50/50 Dexcool)
-H/E Coolant Reservoir
-LSJ Upper Radiator Hose (PN 15247280)
-12' of ¾” Heater Hose
-Intake Manifold-Head Gasket
-H/E Bracket Insulator (PN 12594387)
-H/E Pump Connector
-LSJ Throttle Body Connector (8-Pin)
-By-pass Elbow Hose (Used ¼” Vacuum Hose)
-Vac hose for Valve cover to air intake (Cannot remember size)
-Trifecta Tune
-Multiple 90° Bends for ¾” Heater Hose (Use as needed)
-Multiple Straight extensions for ¾” Heater Hose (Use as needed)
-Washer Hose + “butt connectors”
-Innovate LC1 Wideband Kit (with DB-series Gauge)
-Pulley Boys Tensioner Tool
-Hose Clamps

My list of bolts (courtesy of Gene):

• GM Bolts Needed
- 11516342 – LSJ Intake Manifold Mount To Block Bolts -(M8 X 1.25 x 60) (Qty 2)
- 11589214 – LSJ Supercharger to Intake Manifold Bolts (4)
- 11900248 – LSJ TB To SC Bolts (4)
• Standard Bolts Needed (Not GM)
- LSJ 1 Bar MAP To Intake Manifold M6 x 1.0 x 25 (Qty 1)
- LSJ Intake Manifold Mount Bracket To Intake Manifold M10 X 1.50 x 50 (Qty 1)
- LSJ Rear IC Pump Bracket To Intake Manifold Mount M8 X 1.25 X 25 –
- LSJ Front IC Pump Bracket To Rear IC Pump Bracket M8 X 1.25 X 35 – (Qty 2)
- LSJ Idler Pulley To Block M10 X 1.50 x 75 (Qty 1)
- LSJ Idler Pulley To Alternator Bracket M8 x 1.25 X 25 (Qty 1)
- LSJ Intake Manifold To Block M6 x 1.0 X 75 (Qty 2)
- LSJ Alternator Bracket To Block M8 X 1.25 X 130 (Qty 3)
- LSJ SC Bypass Valve To SC M8 X 1.25 X 20 (Qty 2)
- LSJ Lower Tensioner To Bracket M8 x 1.25 x 35
- LSJ Upper Tensioner To Bracket M8 X 1.25 x 40… not standard bolt though. Has to be metric hex socket bolt.
- LSJ Intake Manifold Bolts M6 X 1.00 x 25 (Qty 4)

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Closing this thread. We have a sticky for this. But i did add your list to it.
thank you for your addition.

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Thanks again for writing this up man! It is great to have more than one list going on!
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