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So I started having this issue a few days ago. Car was running one day, parked it for the night and now it wont start. Checked and noticed the battery voltage was low(9v), so I replaced the battery but that didn't seem to fix the issue.

When I turn the key, all the lights come on, and it seems normal but the car wont even try to crank. Almost like the clutch isn't pressed. I've heard about issues the clutch sensor(s), and need to know how exactly I should be checking them.

There is one odd thing. The radio won't ever light up or turn on? It is an aftermarket head unit that turned on just fine before, but now nothing. I'm wondering if this could somehow be related to the issue I'm having.

The key-less entry fob also wont do anything, I press any of the buttons and nothing happens. No lock, no unlock, no panic beeping, and no trunk.

I get 12+volts between the post and ground under the hood, the interior lights come on, dash lights come on, and the climate control blower works so I am getting power to the car.
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