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2006 Cobalt 2.2L. The car can't tell when it is in park.

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I know I did this to myself, but I was hoping you guys wouldn't hold it against me. I was at work and I had to get to a meeting across town, and my Cobalt would not shift out of park. Instead of coming here and getting good advice, I just pulled as hard as I could, and got the car into gear. Now, it has 2 problems. Even though I had my foot on the brake when I did this, the interlock with the brake no longer works. I can shift the car into gear whenever I want, no need for foot on the brake. I pulled the center console panels out, and I can see the servo still works, just that when my foot is off the brake, it doesn't block the pin from moving down. The other problem is, when I shift back to park, the doors don't unlock, and it pops a P0700 and P0705 code. If I clear the codes, the next time I start the car the doors automatically lock instantly(I guess it thinks it is in gear) and then don't unlock when I put it in park, and the codes pop again. The car shifts smoothly into all gears, just doesn't know when it is in park.
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