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Hi Everyone,
Please help?
I bought a 2006 chevy cobalt a little over a month ago.
I've noticed while driving some issues with rpms going up and down.
I'll be driving at a steady speed and this happens.. doesn't really affect
my speed,. So hard to explain.
Not sure if this is related, but.. I also noticed my cruise control
works intermittently.
There are no idol problems, and it doesn't feel as if it's going to stall.
There are no leaks either..
I just had my O2 sensor replaced (check engine light was on for this),
and some intake valve cleaned? The mechanic said it may help.. it didn't.
The mechanic drove the car and didn't notice the issues I mentioned... said the car
runs great etc. It does... except for when I drive it I guess! lol
Really hoping this isn't something major starting to go on this car...
Anyone have any ideas?
Would really appreciate some advice/input..
Thank you :thanks
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