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2007 cobalt Lt 2.2L ecotec 5 speed

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Ok so earlier this week I posted about having a misfire of some sort when I hit a bump it randomly happens sometimes. I have a oem cat I got put on about 12k miles ago. I reset the codes and replaced the mass air flow sensor but that's about it. Was thinking about replacing the coil packs also.
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Man your car just wants to get high…

How old are your O2 sensors? Cobalts are common for bad coil packs too grab one from an auto wrecker.
Misfire during a bump in the road!!!
Check for loose engine grounds.

It’s been 6k miles since a new engine and my 08 BC started doing it. It was a loose ground. O2 sensors are cheap compared to replacing a cat. And a misfire will kill a cat on these engines very quickly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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