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Name: Toby
Phone Number: 610-295-4906
Price: $5,500

I am selling my 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LT. It is in near excellent condition with the exception of normal chips on the front bumper and hood (happens to every car being driven on the highway).
The mileage is currently at around 106,000. It is a blue granite color. It's an automatic transmission.

The car comes with 18" GM factory gray wheels off a Cobalt SS. They look so much better than the 15" stock wheels. I have also installed Alpine-S speakers to replace all 4 factory speakers.

Also comes with remote start installed from factory onto the same key fob. Also has:
-Cruise control
-Air conditioning
-Sirius/XM Radio
-Aux port (iPods, iPhones, Mp3 players in general)

The motor is extremely healthy and has been maintained by me and my brother (a mechanic). The day I bought it I changed the oil and put in full synthetic, and ever since then it has been changed between 3,000-5,000 miles with Mobil 1 Full Synthetic and AC Delco oil filter. The only things ever replaced were the front strut mounts and the thermostat. The strut mounts never even went bad, I just didn't want them to, so I replaced them, I even have the factory ones if you would want them.

Less than 1,000 miles (only 2 weeks ago) I replaced all brakes (rotors, brake pads, drums and shoes). As well as last week I did a full oil change.

The coolant temperature started reading a few degrees higher than normal and so I replaced the thermostat the next day.

The car has been washed at the very least, once per week, most of the time, more than that. I have waxed it just about once a month and in February I took it to get completely professionally detailed (clay bar, wax, polish, etc.). The interior is in awesome condition with the exception of a worn spot on the driver floor mat.

This car has been babied for what it is, you would have thought I owned a Ferrari with how well it was taken care of.

I will be completely honest with you as long as you're honest with me, please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

The car is absolutely ready to go and will need nothing. I will hand wash and put a nice coat of wax on it for the buyer.

Serious buyers only. I still owe on the vehicle so I don't want trades.

Again... NO trades.

It will NOT be coming with the tail lights pictured, I have the stock red ones I need to replace these with.

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