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2007 Cobalt seems only "rear" speakers work and sound seems low

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I notice the front speakers only work intermittently. For example I'll be driving along and ride over some minor bump or small pothole... then SUDDENLY the sound will sound good/proper high volume

...then a little further down the road I might hit another random bump in the street, then it will sound weak again/only the rear speakers working

Also, I don't hear "chimes" when I have the turn signal lights turned on, no "chimes" when I open the doors either

What could it be? It's both weird and annoying. I hate "weak" volume, ugh

My old Jeep literally never had any issues with the sound/speaker system, and I owned it for like 14 years - never once did any speakers fail or have any of this strange behavior (sound suddenly stopping riding over random bumps)
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I had a similar issue on my old equinox. 2007 and above the door chimes and turn signal sounds go through the drivers side front speaker. On 05-06 it goes through a speaker on the instrument cluster. Check the wiring loom in the door harness, chances are is that it is chaffed. Another possibility is the head unit acting buggy. My 08 equinox LS has the basic, BASIC radio that only displayed time and nothing else. If you have the LS model chances are you have the same one. I noticed the same issues, and my door harness was fine. Changed out the head unit for a cheap score from the junkyard with a Pioneer double din ($15 with the adapter and harness, literally a 20th of what it would cost to build that from scratch) and the issue was completely gone. My tweeter was the only thing that had worked for the longest time. Also, maybe check your speakers themselves for any damage be it to the speaker itself or the connections.
I have replaced the front door speakers several times on both our '05 and '08. The GM ones really are garbage. Being affected by bumps is a sure sign they are either shot internally or the wiring is loose. I have even taken to soldering the speaker wire connectors so they can't get loose.
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The front speakers are highly susceptible to water damage so it's likely yours need replacing. You may want to look for some marine grade replacements and put some dielectric grease on the terminals.

It's relatively simple to replace them, especially if you order from Crutchfield and get the mounting baskets and wiring adapters. I'd also suggest ordering a bunch of replacement panels clips, as I've yet to remove a Cobalt door panel without breaking some. Dorman 702-001 clips work well if you don't want OEM.
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