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Up for sale I have my 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS/Supercharged.

I used to run a harrop, now it is going to be have a zzp tune with a 2.8 pulley on the m62. I am just getting sick of the cobalt looking to either get something rwd, or a SUV.
Asking 13500

Stock Modifications:
LSJ that has 45,000 miles on it
G85 package
Stock interior (shifter boot/seats)
Heated Leather Seats
Power windows/locks/mirrors/keyless entry

Aftermarket/self done
Painted Trim
Black HVAC Controls
Dual Pillar Pod
Autometer Cobalt Series Boost Gauge
AEM Uego Wideband
ZZP 3 header/downpipe
Custom 2.5 catback exhaust
ZZP Stage 3 Heat Exchanger
ZZP Option B
Dual Pass
3" Intake
Konig Further Rims
80# Injectors
2.8" ZZP Pulley
ZZP Tune

Picutures: Some with Harrop (TVS NOT INCLUDED ITS SOLD)

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