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2009 Cobalt No crank/No start

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Hello, I am Haley.

I have a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LS 5 speed 2.2L, recently I went to leave work and the car stalled twice and would not re-fire. Never had any issues before. 140K miles.

Trying to start the car, it intermittently primes the fuel pump, starts then stalls out. When it dies the screen reads Low fuel, power steering.

Cluster will spike up sometimes like it wants to start but wont (MPH spikes up to 20 then cuts off, no other gauges come on, fuel pump not priming, no start), then a few more cycles of the key off to run the fuel pump kicks on and cluster reads (All gauges cycle on) , then car fires up for a few seconds at idle and then stalls out.

I have changed the Mass air flow sensor, ignition starter switch and swapped fuel pump relay with my A/C relay and still doing the intermittent starting and then stalling. Also put a fuel pressure gauge on and read 42psi not running, then steady 60psi when I could get the car to fire, stalls out few seconds after running at idle or hitting accelerator.
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