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Hi all. I've been having an intermittent no crank/no start condition with my 2009 Pontiac G5 with ~160k and manual transmission. I haven't been able to really connect the issue to anything as it seems almost random. One day it will start and run fine and the next I'll turn the key and the car won't even try to crank at all. On one occasion, I had the issue where it just would not start, and so I jacked it up to poke around at the starter motor to no avail. Upon admitting defeat and setting the car back down on the ground it started up just fine after it was off of the jack! Also, I'm not certain, but I believe this issue only showed up after I replaced the clutch. However, I put very few miles on the car before the clutch needed replacing, so who knows if those are related.

Anyway, when I depress the clutch pedal and turn the key the only things that seem to happen are the dash lights go out except the "Service Engine" light, the headlights and radio turn off, and I hear a click from the area of the BCM in the passenger footwell. Also, when I return the key to the off position, the power door locks unlock. I recorded a video of the dash during two attempts to start the car:

When it has acted up before, I've checked pretty much every "Ignition" related fuse and relay in the engine bay fuse box and on the BCM and found no issues. Also, in my mind, if a fuse were actually blown it wouldn't be an intermittent problem. From my reading here and elsewhere, I think that I've got the following potential sources of the issue (in no particular order):
  1. Ignition switch
  2. Clutch safety switch
  3. BCM
  4. Engine bay fuse block
  5. Starter
  6. General wiring issue/bad ground somewhere?
Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to start troubleshooting this? So far I have taken a decidedly unscientific approach that has left me with more questions than answers. Also, is there anywhere else that I should be considering as a source for the issue?

Of course, thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to read and comment!!
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