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(I had to rebuild due to pistons seals being blown) So i have a 2010 2.2 LAP VVT and im currently rebuilding my engine and the connecting rods i have are the eagle 2.2 rods but theyre longer than the stock rods (5.665 stock 5.765 aftermarket) and i bought the 2.2 pistons from zzp which are flat, and have no valve reliefs, they are about .100mm shorter than the stock pistons. and i have a shop putting it all together and so im not really theyre to see what has been going on or anything. Anyways the shop guy said that the pistons were wrong due to no valve reliefs and being completely flat, what size rods should i have with these pistons, and what part number is the correct connecting rods for a 2.2 lap vvt engine?

Pistons: Wiseco Forged 2.2 Pistons

Connecting Rods:

Thank you, Cole
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