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Brand: 3M
Price: $22.00
Purchased From: Autozone

Installation: (Use easy, moderate, involved, or difficult) moderate
Installation Time: 2 hours
Any Installation Tips You Have: Take your time

Quality of Part: 10
Product Performance: (rate 1-10) 10
Would you Recommend to Others: Yes

Any Other Comments: I've had my aftermarket 1st gen projector's for about three years. A year or so after I got them, the "protective" film layer started peeling on them. Since then, they have slowly been getting cloudy/yellow which has effected my night time driving light output. I decided to purchase this kit and could NOT be happier.

If you headlights are starting to to become nasty, this is the way to go.

Before with a bit of road grime on them that didn't seem to come off no matter how hard I scrubbed:

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