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I have owned my 08 Cobalt for about 3 months now.
When I bought it, I replaced both front axles and both wheel bearing hubs. I cant remember if I had an ABS issue prior to replacement or not... But I do not think so.

Now, I am getting an ABS light for the front right speed sensor, no data is being received from it.
This error is intermittent, after a day or two, it will reset and stay off for up to a week before it re-appears.
Any chance this is a failed sensor?
I have used a multimeter and verified it is providing voltage when the wheel spins.
I do not know what the resistance through the sensor should be, but it matches the driver side which seems to be working.

Now, my wife said she saw a "reduced power" message?? where the car would not accelerate.
I am assuming ( and hoping) this is related to the ABS issue.

Is there a way to measure the resistance from the computer, to the wheel sensor and back?
What pins would need to be checked?

Or is this indicative of a failed/failing computer?

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