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I've had my car for about 3 years now but never had any interest in doing any modifications aside from swapping the deck and some sound system work....then I found this site!

Interior Mods:
Tinted rear windows @ 5%
Tinted front two windows @ 35% (in the mail)
Repainted interior trim: First yellow, then gunmetal,now the stock gray with a clear coat that really brings out the metal flake
Repainted cup holders and door latches gunmetal
Yellow accent on speedo cluster interior piece as well as door locks/windows
Carbon fiber pedal covers
Compustar Alarm/starter with knock entry, passive arming, and remote window controls
Radar detector Hardwired into rear view mirror lighting
3.5" Flip down dash cam on windshield, hardwired to ignition for auto recording
Replace all stock lighting with red LED's
Fabricated a custom circuit board for the HVAC LED lighting and gauge cluster
Arm rest addition
Short throw shifter with gun metal weighted knob, and black leather boot cover w/ yellow stitching
Removed rear headrests and middle seat belt
Added a strip of 6000k LED's to the front and rear windows to illuminate the interior. Tied into dome lights.
Added a strip of 6000k LED's in trunk, tied into trunk light.
Added a strip of 6000k LED's under the hood, tied into the alarms hood pin switch (on only when the hood is open)
Blue LED strip illuminates pedals and passenger foot bay, turns on with underbody lighting
Black HVAC
Painted A-pillars black to match interior
Painted rear window pillars black to match interior
Added 3/4 plywood to trunk and wrapped in OEM carpet for more support

Exterior and Performance:
Removed door guard trim
Remove 'COBALT LS' and replaced bowtie with 'COBALT' on the rear
Painted front bowtie black
Tint all rear lights
Tinted front and rear license plate covers
Painted headlights black with yellow rings
6000K Switchback DRL/Turn signal lights
6000K HID fog lights
6000k Bi-Xenon HID Headlights
Blue LED under body lighting
Rewrapped and cleaned up some of the wiring in the engine bay
17" Core Racing rims w/ lo-pro tires
Mudflap delete
AEM true CAI
Chopped off 95% of the antenna
Removed engine cover
Painted fuse box covers
Eibach sport line springs
FE5 suspension with MOOG endlinks
Customize outer ring of reverse lights to add a ring of brake lighting
Customize reverse lights with 6000k LED ring

Infinity Kappa 6x9's in back
Infinity Kappa 5.25 components in doors
12" Alpine Type-R sub in ported box
800watt Pioneer mono block mounted in trunk, floating between 6x9's
7" Pioneer touchscreen with DVD, GPS, Ipod controls, etc etc
Retained thumb steering wheel controls
Retained chimes and RAP w/o PAC harnesses ;)
100 sq. ft. of dynamat all over the car (doors, roof, floor, trunk)

Before Lowering:

After Lowering:

Rims and lowered:


(GONE) Demon eye headlight:

HID's: (Main lights installed now, just need a new pic)

DRL Switchback projection bulbs:

DRL and underbody lights:

Underbody lighting from behind:

Underbody Glow and lowered:

Antenna mod:

Mudflap delete: (front passenger tire)

(GONE) Yellow engine bay:

Cleaned up engine bay: (nothing too special)

(GONE) Rear fiberglass deck:



Custom PCB HVAC: (numbers in center do light up, it just doesnt show in the pic for whatever reason)

(GONE) Red LED Gauge Cluster

(GONE) Blue LED Gauge cluster:

Fire Theme 2.0 LED Gauge Cluster


(GONE) Gunmetal interior:

(GONE) Yellow Interior:


Radar and Dashcam w/screen open:

Customized Tail Lights

6000k LED Reverse Light Ring


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Redid headlights, snapped some pics along the way for a how-to if theres any interest on how I did the headlight LED's

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A few new things ive done in the past months...
Installed my HID fog lights (6000k to match the DRLs) and will be doing the main lights come spring.

Added a strip of led lighting under the hood controlled by a hoodpin so they go on and off only when the hood is open. This has already come in very handy doing any work under the hood in low light conditions

Im in the middle of swapping all the interior gauge and cluster lighting from stock and blue led over to a yellow/orange/red fire theme.

Added window control to my starter system. I can now roll my windows up and down remotely and have them roll down when i unlock my car and roll up when i lock it. This will be a sick little feature come summer (its on manual button control right now). Im gunna add the sunroof to it soon also

Pics to come soon

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Installed my HID Bi-Xenon headlights just now. Camera is toast so no new pics, but now the fogs, DRL's, and main headlights are all 6000k :)

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Nice, that is my favorite Color temp. Well 5500 but close enough that you need a good eye to tell the difference. My GP Thunder are at 6500K and I find them a little blue.
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