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Hi, I am a new member as of today. I am glad to be part of your Chevy Cobalt community.

I have a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT.
It did not come with cruise control from the factory.
On the steering wheel, it has only the 2 buttons on the left side labeled:

I've heard that this car is pre-wired for Cruise Control, and that adding it is a 5 minute plug and play project.
Is this true? I called the local Chevy dealership. They said they no longer carry the Cruise Control add on but that you can get them from 3rd party/after market stores and parts stores. I called the local Auto Zone. They have the button pad for only $54. They said it looks like a simply plug and play part with only 1 wire to connect on the back.
Here's the link to the cruise control button pad they sell:
Auto Zone 2009 Cobalt Cruise Control
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It looks like it doesn't come with the plastic bezel trim for the additional buttons. I could maybe get that trim on eBay?

My questions are:
Is it true that my car is pre-wired for Cruise Control? (and cruise control ready?)
Is it actually a 5 minute plug and play addition of the button pad that will make my car have cruise control?
Is there any necessary programming or additional wiring to make this work with my car?
Does anyone know where to find a plastic bezel trim for the additional buttons?
Does my factory 2 button pad, with: "Info" & "←" simply pop off with a gentle, forward pull from behind the edge as it seems?
Is installation simply connecting 1 cable and clicking it in place, and then clicking the bezel in place?

Has anyone else installed this add on? Any other suggestions or concerns to think about are appreciated.
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